The Zumba Cookbook

Reading Zumba cookbookBack in 2011, the folks at Z-Life Magazine asked Zumba Lovers to submit their favorite recipes to for a possible cookbook. This year, the cookbook is out and its great! Here are six reasons why. IMG_1765

Reason #1: One of my recipes was chosen for the book!



Yup, my favorite fall/winter soup!butternut squash soup recipe

Reason #2: Lots of variety! Just like Zumba. The categories are: Light Bites, Salads, Soups & Sides, Main Dishes, Desserts, Smoothies, Breads & Granolas.

Reason #3: Cookbook key and suggestions to make the dishes vegetarian. And of course they give you calorie counts, etc. My dish? . . . 170 calories per serving.

Reason #4: All the recipes are made by regular people. They are simple and tried and true.

Reason #5: Pictures! Not just of food (great food pics by the way) but also of crazy Zumba people dressed in wacky outfits and jumping around. I love crazy Z-people.

Reason #6: Lots of stories. You'll find the book is sprinkled with weight loss journeys to inspire you to eat healthy and exercise. I loved reading about fellow Zumba enthusiasts who committed themselves to health and came across great results.

I can tell the book is made with lots of Zumba Love and I wholeheartedly endorse it.