Jillian Michaels is coming to New York

Jillian Michaels Wellness Cruise Don't know if I told you but I am a BIG Jillian Michaels fan. Ever since a friend of mine told me to try Ripped in 30, I've been purchasing every JM DVD imaginable, watching her interviews, reading articles about her, and now watching the Biggest Loser for the sole reason of watching Jillian on tv.

Perhaps I take fandom to an extreme but I don't know, I just love her now. Well, she's going ON TOUR and she'll be in Long Island on April 28!

JM tour


She's addressing the science behind weight loss, win-win fitness methods and techniques, and doing some of the motivational speaking we see on the Biggest Loser.


I just love this clip! Bear claws! hehehe. I was dying for the opportunity to post that clip on this blog. "Bear claws a donut!"

Back to the tour. I haven't decided whether I am going to it yet. I know, I just spent this whole time hyping it up but I'm not sure I am willing to dish out $74.00 to attend. The real price is $54 which seems more reasonable but stupid Live Nation charges fees, etc. Maybe I can drive down to the venue and purchase a ticket to bypass the extra fees?

As of right now I am banking on watching videos of the tour once its done. I'm sure they'll be some webcast of what went down. If anyone knows of any giveaways to the engagement, please pass it on! I'm still considering the purchase but not sold on it yet.

Regardless, I think it's so awesome to see a personal trainer become a superstar that's embarking on her own tour! Impressive. Love you Jillian!