Spring Desires

I'm not really one to complain about the weather, the season, or the day. You won't catch me writing, "ugh, it's Monday" or "yay Friday" anywhere because I try really hard to enjoy the present day as much as I can. However, today it's just difficult to do that. Driving in to work today, I was saddened by all the silence winter brings. Just rain, darkness, gray, bare trees and SILENCE. Everything just seems so quiet here. Yesterday, in the morning, I thought I caught a glimpse of Spring. The birds were chirping out my window and the weather felt warm enough for a run. My boyfriend and I were talking about going for a run after work. However, the day got progressively COLDER and there was talk of sleet or snow. We got neither, just rain.

I'm seriously longing for color! I feel like Jennifer in Pleasantville.



Sorry for the sad post. However, how awesome will it be when we can go back out and run and play in the sun. Looking forward to more of this:

mud and logs




susan g. komen nyc


The Indian Ocean in Tanzania, Africa

owned by Melissa Lopez


I can't wait to take my bike out and enjoy the sights and sounds of New York in the Spring/Summer. Yes, I know I can ride or even run in the winter but it's just not the same. March 21.... see you soon!