My very first workout: Gilad Bodies in Motion

I was driving home just now from a morning meeting and I started thinking about my very first workout DVD. Back in high school, I hated sports, athleticism, and gym class. I wasn't much of a team player and my coordination in most sports was lacking... still is. I am not an athlete. However, I was always a dancer.

My high school did not consider dance a fulfillment for gym. So I suffered through being picked last and endured running laps while wheezing, etc. I was always getting into heated "arguments" with my gym teachers due to my many excuses. Except at some point, I did figure out that if I said I had my period, I wouldn't have to play. I had my period every day/week/month. AND I FAILED GYM! Only class I've ever failed in my life! GYM!

Senior year, when most people had fulfilled their gym requirements, I was forced to take the class. Luckily for me, they opened up an aerobics class.

I swear, this was the beginning of who I am today. 

I'll never forget. The class was filled with 20 or so teenage girls, ALL SENIORS, who at some time or another were sitting on the sidelines with me. It was a gym losers reunion. The male gym teacher walked in, said we had to come to the class everyday and attendance was more important than participation. He then said, "I'm going to pop in my mother's videotape and go teach the REAL gym class. I'll check in a couple of times to make sure you are all moving." And THAT WAS IT.


ImageYes, GILAD! I laugh now thinking how corny some of his routines were compared to the quality of fitness DVDs now on the market. However, he got a bunch of 17-year olds moving!

A few girls left the class after attendance was taken but once they figured out that the teacher came back to check up on them, they got into it. Maybe it was because we were all trying to "look hot" in our prom dresses but Gilad got us sweating and no one cared. We were having fun!

AND I LOVED IT. This was actually something I was good at. It was like dancing but my guidance counselor would give me credit!

In retrospect, I owe a lot to Gilad. He got me moving and introduced me to a new avenue that has now become a career. After Gilad, I went on to Billy Blanks and TaeBo, Lucille Roberts aerobics classes, and on and on.

Here'a little look at what the DVD looked like: