I feel......ugh! Last week, I posted this on my Facebook page:

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I was excited to start and by Day 3, I was feeling pretty positive about the program. My knees weren't in pain and I was able to get through the workouts. Originally, I was afraid of the infomercial but also intrigued. I jumped in and felt good about it. The hardest part is the warm up people! If you make it through that, Shaun T. takes you through a very nice stretch portion and then back to more cardio. However, the half after the stretch is less insane. I felt strong and on my way to those crazy six pack abs you see in the "after" pictures.


NOT ANYMORE..... ouch, my back!

I truly am careful with form and I don't even jump very high or "explode" very fast. I land on the ball of my foot and not on my heel. I am always careful. Especially because I know how much it sucks to feel pain on my knees. However, I am experiencing lower back pain.

I searched online and found that I wasn't the only one. Some people say its great and other people feel pain, ignore it, and then throw their back out. I'm not going to do that. I have things to do: Zumba classes to teach, a bike ride to complete, and dance classes to attend. Throwing out my back is not in the equation.

So my friends, I am shelving INSANITY for now. I'll try to do more research but I'm actually going to avoid the workouts until I feel 100%.

Lesson of the Day: Not every workout is for every person. Listen to your body. You don't want to hurt yourself for vanity.