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As I was taking care of some chores this afternoon, I started thinking back about the time when all of my income was disposable income (over a decade ago). I was quite the budding fashionista. I loved shopping for shoes, bags, clothing, and jewelry at all types of shops. Putting together an outfit was fun and I loved telling people where I found the latest deal, etc. All that's changed now and I am guilty of buying the same top in different colors, matching it with black pants and calling it a day. My priorities have definitely changed.

However, what I like most about the internet is I can shop online and with Pinterest, I can put together outfits that I may purchase SOMEDAY. You know, for a treat. And that treat has arrived by way of a Vegas vacation with some of my closest girlfriends from college!

We booked the trip two months ago and since then I've gone mad pinning outfits and ideas. I'm reinspired to accessorize and I'm excited over shoes like this:

Source: via Melissa on Pinterest


Or this skirt:

Source: via Melissa on Pinterest


Or this sexy dress:

Source: via Melissa on Pinterest


Which takes me to the point of this blog post:

I am loving this online shop for all their sexy clothing but also for their free one-day shipping! Yes. I made an order on on a Thursday and received my dresses in the mail on Friday FOR FREE. They offer free overnight shipping on orders over $150 in the United States. Have you checked them out? It's easy to spend that kind of money there. They have so many cute dresses and outfits.

I purchased this dress on NastyGal and I absolutely love it. Can't wait for the opportunity to wear it out.

Gilded lace dressI think it looks good on me! gilded lace dress

It's refreshing to have something to dress up for! Any online shops you visit for your online "window shopping"?