Lonely Rides

After riding the TD Boro Bike Tour alone this year, I wanted to make a list of pros and cons for solo rides. I noticed I wasn't the only one riding alone but I also couldn't help wishing I had someone to talk to or take my picture!


Pros for solo rides: 1. No need to make unnecessary stops because someone needs to pee. 2. You avoid someone dictating your speed. I heard one group arguing on whether or not they were going to stop at next rest point. 3. You're forced to make new friends and talk to friendly people. 4. Lots of time to take in your surroundings. 5. You're in and out of the finish festival quickly enough to get home and couch surf for the other half of your day.

Cons for solo rides: 1. Worst part... No one to point out cool things to. 2. Some parts of the ride are less eventful, having someone to talk to at that point, helps. 3. Pictures! You definitely need a picture living friend to join you for some fun outtakes. 4. The festival would probably be more exciting with a buddy. 5. Someone to watch your bike while you pee is bonus.

It's all about those moments when you have to go. Lol.