Summer Fun - weekend round up

I love it when the weather is as hot as it was this past weekend. The weather this weekend in NY was 90+ and it felt great. I must say, I reveled in the outdoors but also made some poor food choices, ESPECIALLY on Friday. I can't say no to ice cream and I am still paying for it today! I don't know what got into me on Friday. After some work in the city, I hopped over to Grand Central Terminal and my sweet tooth took over. I guess some people go for a beer after 5pm, I went for the gelato.


Look at that three scoop Gelato goodness! I loved every bite of the sweet gelato from Ciao Bella. Flavors: Triple Espresso, Tahitian Vanilla, and Cookies and Cream. I could have done without the C&C but I ate it anyway.

Afterwards, I decided, it was a crime to stay home that evening so the man and I hit up Irvington. I had wanted to walk around the downtown area for quite awhile and show him my favorite little cafe in town - the Black Cat Cafe. Don't judge but I ordered a mocha iced coffee and a flourless chocolate lava cake! It was delicious.

Flourless Cake was murdered

We ended up walking over to a park and did lots of walking and jumping. I captured all of it in pictures as we were testing all the awesome features of our HTC One phones.

I can jump

I can run.

I totally paid for my greed btw. After we returned home, I fell asleep on the floor curled up in a ball with stomach pains. And now, my neck and shoulders hurt and I can't lift much. I guess when you're 30, you can't eat like your 21 years old anymore. WAAAHHH!

The rest of the weekend, I vowed to eat as clean as possible and only consumed fruits, vegetables and grains. It felt great and I am considering a vegetarian diet. I really only eat chicken and the occasional fish at sushi restaurants so perhaps the transition won't be too difficult. I don't know. Oh but I LOVE TUNA sandwiches! Hmm....this is something to ponder a little longer. I have a vegetarian cookbook I'm going to dust off and I'll do some more research. If you have any meal suggestions, please feel free to share with me.

Here are some more pics of my exciting weekend:

Zumba Saturdays with Z8Fitness. Only workout this weekend, slightly bummed about that.

Irvington Boat House

Chuang Yen Monastery, Carmel, NY

I am going to write a separate post about the monastery when I get a chance. It was beautiful.