Broadway Bodies

Yesterday, one of my close dance loving friends and I hit up the city for a Beyonce "Top of the Charts" dance class with Broadway Bodies (BB). broadwaybodies

They are located at 151 West 26th Street (off 7th Ave), 6th Floor,New York, NY 10011. This is the location of Chelsea Studios. It's a space where instructors can rent and teach dance classes. Kind of like a business incubator for dance ... rooms full of people learning dance and exercising. Chelsea Studios is two floors of dance and fitness madness. While we were there other people were taking salsa, cha cha, and tai chi. A little piece of dance heaven in Chelsea.

We weren't sure what to expect but I had previously bumped into two girlfriend's of mine in Grand Central Terminal after they returned from a BB dance class and their excitement about it had me very curious.

IT WAS SO FUN! Best $18 spent in awhile.

We learned the choreography to the Let's Move campaign version of "Get Me Bodied."


The class was taught by Rommel Pierre O'Choa. He's a great dancer and the way he taught the choreography made it easy to follow. I know a lot of beginners are afraid of jumping in to a dance class but this one is good for dancers of all levels. Some people were more experienced than others but everyone cheered and hollered for ALL the dancers. It's about celebrating dance and pop music, not about how great you are.

He broke down the steps into sections and named everything so you could remember what came next. The class was an hour and in 45 minutes we knew the entire choreography to a four minute song. I think that's pretty genius. He then split the group in two and had us do the entire routine without him. I was a little nervous about that but we had some pros in our group so I followed their lead on what came next and survived.

I had so much fun and I was completely drenched after the class. I didn't bring my heart rate monitor with me but I'm sure I burned 300+ calories.


Although I teach Zumba Fitness and I choreograph a lot my own songs, this class made me realize how much I love the structure of a dance class. They're lots of fun and you feel amazing after. I am definitely going to try to come back and take another class. Next week, he's doing a Rihanna song! Here's the class schedule:

After Broadway Bodies, we were on a dance high so we headed over to Taj on 21st street for an hour of salsa. I was actually a little confused about the amount of On1 dancers at Taj. Considering we were in NYC, I thought everyone would dance On2. It's the style I learned and was told is the dominant style of salsa in NYC. However, that wasn't the case last night. I followed along the best I could and had one awesome On2 dance. We couldn't stay out very late because it was a school night so we gave ourselves an hour curfew. A little salsa, a little bachata, and a fabulous time had by all.

Yay to dance friends and dance dates!