Focus T25 DAY 4

Hey ladies and gents. I had no opportunity to post yesterday but I doubled my workouts because I knew it was harder to do that today. Yesterday I did the Ab interval and Lower Focus. I stuck with Tania, the modifier, the entire time because my right knee was hurting me. It's definitely still a workout.

I liked the progressions in the Ab Interval. Ab holds can be hard to get into but a little easier when you work up to them.

Lower focus was all lunges and squats and variations of each. I was happy to see the camera continued to focus on the modifications because by then I was beat.

I was starving all day after the workout and it was hard to refuel. Not sure if I even remember all that I ate.

Breakfast: Chocolate Vegan Shakeology with vanilla soy milk and cherries. Snack: slice of wheat bread with pb Snack 2: breakfast trail mix Lunch: I went to my moms and made a poor choice. Ate breaded chicken with yellow rice. Can't say no to mom. I did notice that I don't have much of a taste for fried food anymore. I don't cook fried food and I never order it at restaurants. S: fruit salad made with one nectarine, one plum, and one peach D: half a chicken wrap with red peppers and spinach from muscle make grill and brown rice S: hummus with pretzels

I didn't drink much water yesterday and I felt it today. I was cramping and had a headache.