Focus T25 Day 8

I am already on Week 2. It went by so fast. Today, I had to do Cardio once again. I am still struggling with some moves but it's getting easier to follow the flow of the program. It's nice to do a DVD I've already done because I know when the next move is coming and I try to get myself to keep pushing along. After all, it is only 25 minutes. Today's workout buddy was my six year old nephew. I was so proud of him. Of course he wasn't doing all of the moves as recommended on the DVD. He's not supposed to. He's a kid and should take breaks. However, his determination to finish and "master" the DVD was motivating to me and I was happy to have him along for the workout. He was even invited out to play by his cousins and sister and he refused. He wanted to workout! At one point I had the room filled with four kids and they were so considerate of my space. I was truly impressed with them.

Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 6.36.22 PM

I am currently stuck in the airport on a three-hour delay back home. This always happens on every Jetblue flight I take back to Westchester County Airport. Yes, I am talking directly to you, David Barger. Get your airline's act together. This happens, EVERY SINGLE TIME. I'm not yelling, just trying to get my voice across. I would be happy with a $50 credit on my Trueblue account. I don't mind it that much because I expect to stick around and hang. I told my friend right before leaving that I knew this would happen. Her response, "grab an empanada and get a pedicure." She knows what I am talking about. We fly here every year.

Might grab a beer later and "treat" myself. Speaking of drinking, I don't do that much and yesterday I had ONE dark and stormy from a chain restaurant in Florida and felt a buzz. I'm talking about an Applebee's like restaurant where they don't even give you that much alcohol. How am I supposed to go to Vegas and party? I am such a light weight. My girls will be highly disappointed. I guess that's what you give up when you are working on your fitness! I'm sure my liver and kidneys will thank me.

I will update you on my meals as of now. However, I am pretty sure I will grab something else to eat at some point before the plane takes off or I can hold off and have some blue Terra chips on the flight. I love those!

Breakfast: Chocolate Vegan Shakeology with Almond Milk, a banana, pb2, and strawberries

Snack: Yogurt

Lunch: Grilled Cheese sandwich

Snack: One Chips-Ahoy cookie. I was going to eat more but then I opted for hummus and pretzels. I felt guilty.

Dinner: Chicken cutlet, avocado salad with cilantro, tomatoes, onions, on a bed of lettuce, mashed potatoes, and more avocado. The avocados in Florida are delicious and inexpensive. Nothing like the $2 Haas Avocados at home.

I am currently sipping on a skinny grande caramel macchiato. Ehh, the nerves of waiting get to me and the food monster comes out. I am sure to run around this airport soon with an appetite and perhaps get a pedicure while I wait.

Peace, love, and fitness!!!!