Focus T25 Day 9

Today I was completely unmotivated to do "Total Body Circuit." I wrote to my Beachbody Challenge team and 3 out of 5 of us were feeling the exact same way. We vowed to have it done by 10pm tonight and I did it! Because of the time, I opted to follow "Tanya the modifier." My neighbors would have been upset if they heard me jumping around at this hour. However, I still felt the burn and did sweat a lot. I promise to work harder tomorrow. I teach Zumba tomorrow as well so Wednesday is always a good day. ;-)

I made it home safe and sound. Created a plan to eat as healthy as possible on the flight. I wanted to avoid ordering a soda or grabbing chocolate chip cookies when the snacks were being distributed. I took my $10 food coupon and grabbed one banana, one pure protein bar, and one Sabra hummus snack with pretzels, and chewed on that while everybody else ate Doritos. I felt good about my choices.

Here are my meals:

Hyatt Breakfast

B: Scrambled eggs, tomatoes, onions, spinach streudel (removed the bread so more like spinach with some mystery cheese ... I was working with a hotel buffet), and pineapples. I didn't eat that frittata on the top left next to the pineapples. I wanted to try it. It was an egg white, tomato, and spinach frittata but I wasn't a fan of the consistency. S: Banana and Pure protein bar (chocolate brownie flavor) when I boarded my flight S2: Hummus and Pretzels mid-flight One cup of coffee when I got home L: I had a very late lunch. Spinach salad, chicken, green peppers, tomatoes, and red onion with some honey mustard. (probably not the best dressing but sooo good) Will probably have the Shakeology now with water and fruit. It's so late I really don't want to. Might just opt for fruit.

Good night.