Some days you need a "do over"

That's what today is. My "do over" day. I'm still in Orlando, attempting to fly home. Yesterday, when I arrived at the airport, I was sad and didn't want to leave. I was upset that my nieces, nephew and sister had made Florida their new home state and I was heading back home to a place with less immediate family. Today, I can't wait to go home. I can be a case study on how circumstances change your perspective. Anyhow, I'm sure you want to know why I'm not home. I was scheduled to arrive there 12 hours ago, however, the plane had a "mechanical error." When I had first arrived at my gate, I was told there was a part that needed to be flown in from JFK International and then we  could fly. They sounded so sure that this one thing would fix the problem so I sat still and didn't worry. I even joked about it on this post.

9pm rolled around and we still hadn't received any information. Everyone was frustrated. I started tweeting Jetblue and they responded a couple of times but we were all just getting restless. At around 10:30pm we were given the option to fly to Newark. Most people took that option but I just couldn't anymore. I was so exhausted. The flight to Newark was 2 hours and then we had to jump on a bus to get to Westchester County. I opted to stay here and wait until the next morning in hopes that it can all just work out as planned.


So here I am. They gave me a room at the Hyatt and a breakfast and lunch voucher.  I didn't fall asleep until a little past midnight and then guess what happened, TWO FIRE ALARMS went off in the hotel!  TWO. One at 1am and the other at 2am. I couldn't believe it. Somedays things just don't go your way.

However, last night I realized that God works in mysterious ways. I've come to full acceptance of my family's new situation and all I want to do is go back home to my life, my boyfriend, and my cat. Isn't that crazy? In 12 hours my perspective has completely changed.

Amen to that.