Focus T25 Day 36

Not sure what has gotten in to me but I am the MOST motivated I have ever been. I think the progress pic I posted three days ago has really taken it up a notch for me. justpressplayEveryday isn't always a good day either. Today, I barely wanted to get up off the couch to work out. After work, I sat on the sofa and just stared blankly across the room. My choices were pass out and wake up at 10pm with no opportunity to workout or get it done. I decided to press play and get it done. Coffee also helped.

Some fitness professionals say no to coffee before a workout but Jillian Michaels thinks its a good idea if it gives you the extra kick you need. If Jillian Michaels thinks its a good idea, so do I. Just saying. I don't do this on the regular but I have been on a weird sleep schedule and the last thing I wanted to do was nap.

Anyway, back to the workout. I had to pause three times but I pushed myself today harder than any other day. Total Body Circuit (TBC) is the toughest routine in the Alpha phase of Focus T25 and I have to do it three times this week. The only way I am going to get through that is to make some clear goals for myself. I completed the workout and did  12 tap pushups, 11 plank walks to burpees, and 4 complete oblique spider pushups. My goal is to top that by the end of the week. I can't wait for tomorrow. It's the ab dvd. No jumping. It's hard but nothing like TBC.

On the food front:

B - Vanilla Shakeology with mangoes, peaches, peanut butter and milk

S - Pure Protein bar and Mango shake

L - Subway sandwich. I was on the road but I ordered a 6" wheat with tuna, spinach, tomatoes, red onions, green peppers, black pepper, and vinegar. NO CHEESE. NO SNACKS. NO SODA.

S - Coffee

D- I am making eggplant boats. Skipping on the cheese and breadcrumbs.