Salsation in New York City

This past weekend, I got to spend two hours at Studio Maestro in NYC dancing with one of my favorite dance/fitness instructors from the other side of the world, Alejandro Angulo. I love his choreography and after meeting him this past weekend in New York City, I can tell he has that spark to light up the room and inspire the world. funfitchic_alejandroangulo_salsation

Here's his bio, taken from the ZClubNY website:

"Alejandro Angulo was born in 1979 in Caracas, Venezuela. Alejandro is a fitness presenter, professional dancer, and choreographer. He started dancing when he was very little, always had a love for dance and a strong connection with music. He graduated in Venezuela where he did theatre performances and fitness TV shows. His passion for dancing and teaching motivates him to travel the world and teach people how to connect their bodies and their minds through the power of musicality. Alejandro is currently sponsored by Nike in China. He is also the creator of Salsation, which is the most popular dance fitness program in Asia. His classes have great energy; his passion for dance and especially for Latin music gives him a unique style that makes people enjoy the experience! Alejandro’s dream is to spread his love for dance by bringing Salsation to the USA and Europe."

I first came across Alejandro while I was in search for a new salsa song and choreography for my Zumba classes. I was specifically looking for choreography to a song titled, "Cachondea" by Fruko. One of my favorite salsa songs.

And I came across his Youtube Channel.

After that, I was hooked. I love his choreography and was super excited when I found out he was touring and coming to New York City.

I can't explain how odd it is to see someone in person that you follow on Youtube. I was in a room full of 30 people or so, chatting and awaiting for the class to start when the instructor walked in, very unassuming and says, "Hello My People." And boom it hits you.....the guy on the computer is now two feet away from you. He's not a celebrity, but still when you spend so much time watching someone's choreography and learning their moves and then they are accessible, they sort of feel like a celebrity.

Salsation was all I thought it would be and more. Two hours of non-stop dance, primarily to salsa and merengue songs, with other genres sprinkled in. I was sweating so much at the end of the class, that I had to buy a t-shirt for $25 at the end. He starts the class off with body isolations and let's you know that it's very much a dance class. You get the fitness benefits from dancing your butt off. Unlike Zumba and other dance fitness workouts, there are no squats, lunges, or jumping jacks thrown into the choreography.....just dance.

I am a fan and hope the Salsation program becomes a huge success worldwide for Alejandro!