Breakneck Ridge Beacon, NY

For anyone following my Instagram or Facebook page, you know I have been spending some time in the other counties that make up the Hudson Valley. Recently, I headed up for a full day of fun in Beacon, NY and I absolutely loved it. People, Beacon rocks!!!!!

We took the train ride up to Beacon from Grand Central Terminal. The city of Beacon is off the Hudson Line and is a $30 round trip from New York City. A little pricey but definitely cheaper than driving. The train ride is gorgeous and rides along the Hudson River.

This Indian Summer is great for a quick trip to the Hudson Valley. Right off the train, Beacon offers opportunities for kayaking, sailing and any other water relates sport you can think of.

We walked over to Main St. and ate lunch at Homespun Foods. One thing I could definitely say about Beacon is that every restaurant is delicious. Although their downtown is small, it's definitely filled with great shops and lots of creativity.

After lunch, was our hike.


Breakneck ridge is a short drive from downtown Beacon and it's great for day trips because it provides instant gratification. One 5 minute walk and you already have gorgeous views of the river.

I'm not sure how long we hiked up but it was rewarding every step of the way. Wear real hiking boots/sneakers. I was wearing Reeboks and definitely could not get a good grip on some of the rocks. This is not a trail hike. Expect minimal climbing. We heard their was a trail taking you down the mountain but we couldn't find it and hiked back down.

Afterwards, we enjoyed some local sorbet at an ice cream shop and sat by the river before we bid farewell to Beacon.

If you are a New Yorker, I highly suggest visiting some or all of the river towns. They have lots to offer!!!