Electric Run Brooklyn NY

Last week, I ran the Electric Run! The Electric Run is a 5k outdoor event in the dark with glow in the dark structures, house music and runners wearing glowing accessories.

However, there wasn't much running. Most of the people who participated in the run.....walked.

My girlfriend's and I were prepared to run. I had even tested my abilities two days before to make sure I could still run three miles.


Despite all the people, objects and outrageousness in the way, we did it!!!! Together..... As I'm getting older, I am loving sharing my love of outdoor activity, health, and fitness with my girlfriends.


Instead of dates to the bar, we are planning hikes, runs and dance classes together. We have replaced our favorite fried food restaurants with farm to table sustainable goodness and we are doing it together.

It feels great to evolve as part of a community.