I'm a Beachbody Coach

Listen up you sexy minxes, I am now a Beachbody Coach. Why, you ask? BBAltSigsmall

Well, here's my story. I've been working out for a long time. At least ten years; and I've maintained  a healthy weight ranging between 125lbs to 140lbs. If you've been following my blog for awhile, you know I love to workout and I call myself a fitness geek. I'll try any workout at least once and can get highly addicted to many workouts at the same time.

I've also tried many Beachbody workouts in the past: P90x, Brazilian Butt Lift, P90X2, Insanity

However, I stayed far away from Beachbody challenges. "I don't need anyone motivating me through a workout, I'm self motivated... etc, etc."

Well, enter my good friend and now MY COACH. She posted a challenge on her Instagram account kindly asking if anyone was interested. I asked her what it entailed and I signed up. Shakeology plus T25. A workout, I was already interested in trying. Sure, why not? What can SHE teach ME?


If you've been following along, SHE and Beachbody have taught me a lot. What I learned most was how unconcerned I was about the food I put in my body. I was working out like an animal and then grabbing a pizza or a turkey burger with french fries and dismissing how that might affect me.

How come I was sluggish all the time? How come I was always tired? Always sick? Why the hell didn't I make the connection? Here I was telling you guys and my group fitness students and clients that they needed to be healthier versions of themselves, yet I was throwing my hard work out the window as every time I didn't consider what I was eating.

The challenge and consuming Shakeology everyday for breakfast has helped me meal plan for the week, consider healthier options, and replace unhealthy foods for healthier ones.

Here's an example: Today, I was starving and "I had nothing to eat at home." I wanted to eat so bad and I wanted instant gratification (read: someone to cook for me). I ran through all the quick food options in my neighborhood.... ate that already, too salty, ugh, too heavy, etc. And I was still not happy. So instead of getting in my car and spending $20 or more on dinner, I decided to cook.  I put together a salad with lettuce, radishes, onions and green peppers. Topped the salad with one whole egg, one egg white, turkey, and a handful of low-fat mexican cheese.

That would never have happened before! I would have gone out for some heavy pasta dish to fulfill my palate and my hunger quickly or something. Penne a la vodka was my go to.... mmmm (and not the whole wheat pasta).

Here is my 60 day progress, very soon I will post the complete progress after completing T25. THIS IS MY LAST WEEK!

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 11.49.51 PMI'm here to help you if you're ready and if you're not and want to talk about it, reach out to me. Remember, I can help you in many ways.... as a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and now Beachbody coach..... your health is my main concern.