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I love to look at my stats and see how people get here. Hello Googlers, hope I can answer your questions and direct you to where you need to go on this blog if I have an answer. Coffee and Focus T25

Well, I drink coffee before my workout when I am really sleepy or lethargic. We are busy people and sometimes we are lazy people. Coffee is my friend. Jillian Michaels says its fine. She has no problem with it and even got in trouble on Biggest Loser this season because she gave her contestants coffee pills. So go for it… unless it gives you the runs because the runs and a workout no good. Just remember you will have to drink more water so get that gallon ready. Also, you can buy E&E right here.

Brazilian Butt

This is the most popular search term that gets people to my site since I wrote this blog. I didn't like Brazilian Butt Lift but if you still want it, buy it off my Beachbody site. However, I suggest you take on a squat and lunge challenge to get that booty lifted. Being honest!

Brazilian booty

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What to do after the 30 day shred? Ripped in 30 or Extreme Shred.

What a great question. I absolutely LOVE Ripped in 30. Just look at the abs I got thanks to good ole Jillian Michaels.

abs_funfitchic It is one of my favorite workouts on DVD and I didn't enjoy Extreme Shred. So I say do Ripped in 30. Just my opinion. Good luck.

Is Cardio Axe High or Low impact

If you are dancing with me, it's HIGH impact. I love shaking my booty and moving all around the floor, however …you can keep it low impact by eliminating the bounce. Hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

Dicks Sporting Goods Store Clothes

I love Dicks Sporting Goods and used to swear on it until I found the fitness rack at TJ Maxx. Cheaper, great brands and awesome stuff. I say go to Dicks and if what you want isn't on sale, go to TJ Maxx or Marshalls or Target. Not worth spending the money. Especially since TJ Maxx carries Nike, Reebok, Adidas and other brands. It may be a little harder to find Under Armour on sale or at one of these stores. If you know of a good place to buy cheap Under Armour clothing, let me know!