P90x3 Day 1 Total Synergistics

It feels good to complete Day 1 of P90x3. Two years ago, I did P90x and finally figured out what progress and results is about. I used to go to the gym day in and day out and I loved it. I like the gym and like working out but never saw results. My routine looked like this: Elliptical for half an hour, Circuit machines for 30 minutes, and abs for another 30 minutes. What was I doing? I don't know! I never knew what I was doing, I just wanted to move and sweat and I did so everyday but after P90x, I realized that I wasn't working out to my hardest potential. Now, Tony Horton has come out with P90x3 and it's perfect for me. My life is a lot different than it was in the days of my hour and a half workouts so a 30 minute routine that kicks my butt is exactly what I needed. Wasn't too bad either. Some pull ups, some squats, some balance exercises… Total Synergistics rocks and there is lots of room for improvement ie. Pull Ups.

superwomanWhat I am happiest about is the lack of jumping. I loved Focus T25 but there is a lot of jumping in that workout and it wasn't easy on the knees but Tony isn't all about jumping, he's about calisthenics and I like it. I will try my hardest to post everyday and let you know how it's going.

Note to self: I need to drink more water!!