P90x3 Day 2

Oh god did Tony Horton speak to me at the end of the workout. His whole bit about going to the gym and not knowing what to do is exactly what I was talking about yesterday. Kind of freaky. Well I did Agility X today and I didn't die. It was difficult but definitely doable. Lots of jumping - long jumps, knee tucks, high jumps, sideways, plyo…. all types of jumps… MY LEGS WERE SHAKING and of course I signed up for 89 more days of this because that's who I am. I thought today's workout was the "new plyometrics" but it looks like there is another workout that might actually be IT and its called "TRIOMETRICS." WHAT!?

I joined my second Challenge group and so far so good. Lots of motivated folk on there, many of which workout in the morning. One day I will do that. I am too busy snoozing to wake up in the morning and I say that with all the sarcasm and air quotes necessary to make me feel like a lump of coal. I want to wake up but I really don't. I will one day. I feel 10,000 times better when I do but I have been having a mental block over it and I am meditating everyday to figure it out.

Perhaps its the 5 degree weather!

Anyway, I woke up really sore from yesterday. Total Synergistics hones in on the shoulders, back and transverse abs. I felt it this morning. Agility X is all about getting your heart rate up and getting those glutes and hamstrings to burn. Almost the entire workout is done between two long pieces of tape with targets. Two days in and we already got the upper body and the lower body DONE. Check out my heart rate and face (go from scared to WTF) after today's workout:


347 calories burned in 30 minutes.

Tomorrow is yoga and I am really excited about it because (insert drumroll) for the first time ever, Tony has managed to get it down to a half hour! This is a big jump from the 90 minutes of P90x. Time for dinner.

Oh wait, I also wanted to show you this:



It was my lunch and I am very proud of my choice of carb, protein, and fat for the meal. Had a little side of spinach as well. I am getting a real hang of this clean eating business and its not so difficult after all. Good night folks!