My thoughts on Shakeology

Okay people, I was avoiding posting this because I didn't want you to think I was pushing something on you but the truth is I am not. Yes, I get a commission if you purchased Shakeology from me but this isn't a post to sway you in one direction or another. This is a post for me to share with you why I DRINK SHAKEOLOGY and why I now believe in it enough to finally post about it. I have been working out to Beachbody products for a long time. If you have done any Beachbody workout, you know that all the trainers talk about the shakes all the time and there are commercials about it before and after the workout. I was the type of person to fast forward through that. I even had people give me samples of Shakeology before and I absolutely hated it. I wasn't open to all the claims and everything I was being told about it.

When I purchased my first Challenge pack in June of last year, I was REALLY against it. I fought tooth and nail not to drink it. I can be very stubborn. I bought another shake, Vega, and told my coach I was going to start drinking that when I was done with Shakeology because it was too expensive. I would do things like call my coach and text her all these things about how horrible it tasted. She would always send me another recipe, tell me to do things differently, and I would find another reason why I wasn't going to drink this past 30 days.

Then something happened. I found a recipe I liked and I started to enjoy it so I continued ordering it. I think it became a routine to drink it everyday and I liked the routine. However, I can honestly tell you that I still believed it was doing nothing for me. We went to Vegas together, myself and my coach. She drank Shakeology everyday. I didn't. I got sick when we came back from Vegas. She didn't. Hmmmm…. maybe she was on to something. So I continued.

What made me a believer?


The month of November has always been the month I get down and out with some sort of upper respiratory tract infection that lasts the entire winter. I even once had a friend of mine tell me that I looked sick all winter long. I thought she was insulting me but that stuck in my head and I thank her now for her honesty. I really was sick all winter long. Even though I worked out every day, ate well, got a flu shot, stayed indoors, I was ALWAYS sick in November. So I quietly went through my November experiment. I did not get sick. Then I quietly extended my experiment to December. I did not get sick. I still don't believe it but I do believe that the only thing I have done differently is drink Shakeology every single day.

Yes, its pricey but so is Starbucks. I couldn't wait to remove myself from the Home Direct when I started but I no longer drink Starbucks every day and I am managing my money smarter. My health is important and I believe Shakeology needs to remain a consistent part of my daily diet.

So if you landed on this page because you have heard about the product or you have had a sample and are considering the investment, I say JUMP IN. Drink it and reap the benefits. If you want to purchase it, feel free to do so on my coach page:

And if you already have a coach, that's cool too. I rather have more healthy individuals on the shake than benefit from a commission. And that's the truth.

Cheers to our health!