Why I love Yoga and my Day 3 of P90x3

Hey folks. Yesterday was Yoga X and as I was getting ready to start, I read on my challenge group all of these people afraid of yoga. So instead of going through the reasons why Yoga is awesome, I am going to tell you why I love it. yogamel

1. It is a good stretch. Actually a great stretch and we all need it in our lives. Most of us either work standing up all day or sitting down all day. Just know that the way your body currently feels isn't how it should.

2. It helps me feel balanced.

3. It's a challenge that isn't impossible and every time you break through something, it leads to the next challenge. Like a puzzle. ie. Downward dog while a difficult posture for someone who isn't used to yoga ends up becoming a great transition between moves. The better your downward dog, and the more aligned your hips are, the easier to get into the fun handstands, etc.

4. Handstands and Balance postures!!! I love them. Successfully inverting is a great thrill and its my newest challenge that makes me want to get stronger and more flexible just to successfully hold.

5. Breathing. You really learn to breathe through discomfort in yoga and its a lesson that you can take off the mat. In the past two months I am have begun working within to figure out why the outside (meaning environment and world around me) isn't what I want. I'm looking within and learning that things around me are the way they are because I let them. Yoga breathing, yoga challenges, etc., are helping me break down walls that go way past my physical self.

6. The yoga community is one of the most supportive communities around. I love everyone I have met and that continues to make my heart grow and I truly feel love radiating from my body outward to all these people.

Now to P90x3 Yoga….. one warning…. if you have never done yoga or P90x yoga before, its going to feel fast. Tony has to get through what he previously did in 90 minutes now in 30. I recommend you check out another yoga dvd or even a class before you start. It will help. He calls out names of postures like "warrior I, II and reverse warrior" very quickly and if you don't know it, you are going to fall out of balance trying to figure out what he wants. Just a suggestion.

Otherwise, I love it and I really love it was added to the middle of the week for the 1st week because it was much needed. My only issue is that I also taught Zumba last night and I am beat, physically and mentally exhausted! Today is the THE CHALLENGE…. all pull ups and push ups. I am drinking coffee now and hope that my Energy and Endurance Formula comes in the mail because I need it.

Namaste and Bring it!