P90x3 Week 2

I get so mad at myself when I don't blog. I feel like I am disappointing all of you. Especially because I said I was going to blog every day and I really want to. I guess I can't help life getting in the way but that sucks. Anyway, I left you last at X3 Yoga. Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 7.04.12 PM

The P90x3 schedule remains the same for the entire first block which is 3 weeks long. So today, I also did Yoga.  In between, however there were all these different workouts that I am also repeating this week.

Day 4 was The Challenge. This work out is ALL pushups and pull-ups. Nothing else. At the beginning of the workout you pick your numbers and the goal is to hit those numbers for every single variation. I loved it and think I could push harder. I chose 20 pushups and 10 pull-ups (assisted). I will try to go harder tomorrow.

Day 5 is CVX and its my favorite workout. You chose a weight and do all these crazy routines with it. The first time I tried it on my trial run, I completed the workout with 5 pounds….last week, 8 pounds! Woo hoo. The purpose of this workout is to get your cardio in with weights. They don't want you to go too high in weights because you can hurt yourself but I am going to push for week 3…10 pounds. However, tomorrow I will stick with the 8.

Day 6 is The Warrior workout… lots of one legged moves here to throw you off balance. I need to get better at this one.

I have some new challengers agreeing to take on the P90x3 challenge. Lots of people were afraid because its a new program and they are scared of Tony Horton. This isn't easy but P90x is still much more difficult. This is a shortened version of P90x but you will burn lots of calories… it's just different. If you do this, you can finish P90x after. Can't wait to continue working with my current challengers and help them believe in themselves and their strength.