P90x3 Week 3 and some new toys

Last week I completed Week 3 of the first month of P90x3. If anyone is familiar with P90x, you would know that what follows week 3 is… RECOVERY WEEK. That's what I am in now. Just completed the Isometrix workout and it was great. Lots of balance. Kind of like the balance section of Yoga X but just balance. I must say, I am so happy I held crane for 45 seconds! I feel like a freaking warrior. But this post isn't about this week. It's about last week. I am so excited to show you the new equipment my boyfriend and I invested in to help us get better results.

First up, look at these beauties:

IMAG1018They replace a rack of 15 sets of weights from 5 pounds to 52.5 pounds. This were necessary. I can't imagine lifting 52.5 pounds, however, I need to go higher than 10 pounds. Currently I have four sets of weights and they don't go above 10 pounds, so now both he and I can get a good workout without compromising space. They are pretty pricey but you can find a good sale if you search for it so definitely google them and visit a couple of stores, as well as, online retailers. They are called the BowFlex SelectTech 552.

The second addition to my little "home gym" is the P90x Chin Up Assist!

assistI have one of those "over the door frame" chin up bars and I used to use a chair to help me get to a comfortable level in order to do a chin up without jumping up and down. Now, I don't need that because I have THIS. You can change the level of the assist bands in order to increase or decrease the assistance. It's great because I can feel the burn more. I am definitely using my upper body MORE with these than with the chair….I was partly using my legs then. In Week 2, I was able to get 15 pull ups and chin ups done but with the assist, my goal was 10 and sometimes I couldn't even get to 9 because my arms were burning and shaking.

That makes me happy. I want to increase my upper body strength and have "guns" by the summer!

You can purchase the Chin Up Assist online atbeachbodycoach.com/funfitchicmel. I am kind of upset at myself for not having purchased this sooner but better late than never!

Good night.