Week 4 Progress P90x3

Wow. Week 4 started off slow and ended STRONG. Tony Horton sure has a way of doing things. I started out the week really upset about P90x. Rest week felt so slow. These were our workouts:

I am one of those people who enjoy fast paced crazy workouts and even though I have completed P90x and I know that Rest Week is intended to prepare you for the next Phase, I was a little disappointed.

UNTIL Thursday. Pilates X is great. It was my first time ever doing any Pilates type workout and I must say it was rough. I have to get used to the breathing but I loved all the core work and my legs felt really sore the following day. And of course, in true Tony Horton fashion, when one body part is sore, we have to drill the others … CVX came just in time.

CVX is a cardio based workout with weights. This means my shoulders and arms are burning AND my legs are sore. This is "rest week." Can't ask for anything more. I have to take my Phase 1 - after pics. However, I will leave you with this picture of me doing a bridge after X3 Yoga. Look at my arms! I think that's progress.


Looking forward to my Sunday rest day.

I had two highlights this week. The first one has to do with my new ability to do a headstand without a wall!


The second is that one of my challengers just completed her first week of P90x3 and lost 4 pounds!

I love progress. It's all about the journey. If you want to be part of my challenge group, fill out this form and I will get back to you: The FunFitChic Challenge