Week 5 Progress P90x3

I completed the first week of Block 2 today! It felt great and was much faster than Block 1. Definitely my kind of speed. I now have a renewed respect for Tony Horton and his crew. They really know how to prep you for this workout. Block 1 gets you ready to bring your "A game" in the 2nd block. It's amazing.

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 12.13.48 AM



348 calories in 30 minutes!

For people who are afraid of the P90x series, I want to tell you that it's not as intimidating as you might think. You have to take it at your own pace and everyday the workouts get easier for you. Once they get easier, you push harder. That's the science behind it all and it works. If you are looking to get lean muscle, increase your cardio capacity, or lose a significant amount of weight, don't turn your back on P90x3.

This is not a P90x3 yoga move however its a yoga pose I was able to do because of the upper arm strength I've built. I took this picture four days ago.


Just like P90x and P90x2, the P90x3 series is about muscle confusion. Why change something if it works? Except this time, it's done in 30 minutes instead of an hour in a half and I am so grateful.

I have decided that its time to get serious so I have increased my weight to 10, 12.5 and even 15's on some exercises. I am so excited to see what this increase will do to my body and my ability.

Here was the workout:

  • Day 1- Eccentric Upper - all moves are done at 1 count concentric/3 count eccentric
  • Day 2 - Triometrics - like Plyometrics but shorter!
  • Day 3- X3 Yoga - great, quick and powerful
  • Day 4- Eccentric Lower - all moves are done at 1 count concentric/3 count eccentric
  • Day 5- Incinerator - the killer of all workouts. This is about taking your body to failure
  • Day 6- MMX - like Kenpo X but BETTER
  • Day 7- Rest or Dynamix (I prefer the rest)

New goals for this week: Start meal planning AGAIN. I lost track this week and its hard to stay on the right track eating healthy foods when you aren't prepping in advance. I will work on that.

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