P90x3 Triometrics

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 11.51.19 PM I just HAD to write a quick post about Triometrics from Block 2 of the P90x3 series because it really is a great workout. Back in Block 1, we were doing CVX which is cardio with weights. Well, Triometrics is cardio with a focus on your legs. Your glutes will burn. Your quads will burn. Your booty might even cramp up.

It's that intense. And all of this is happening as you are doing cardio.

This totally changes a typical "leg day" sitting around on machines pushing weight. Not that there is anything wrong with that. I know the pros know exactly what to do but the average joe or jill doesn't. They get on that abductor machine, do ten reps and move on - calling it "leg day" and boasting all over the internet.

What I am referring to is the calorie burn you already get when you are working hard on your leg muscles + the calorie burn you get from a cardio workout. That equals pure awesomeness. Over 300 calories burned in a half hour. I love it.

Good night.