Flywheel Scarsdale

IMAG3729Last weekend, I made it to a Flywheel class in Scarsdale, NY with a friend and my boyfriend. It was definitely an experience. You pay $28 for the class and you get cycling shoes with the cost of entry. We arrived with ten minutes to spare but it turns out we weren't the only ones there for the first time so was a time crunch. When you arrive, you check in on one of these cool tablets and grab your shoes in the same cubby that has the number of your assigned bike.



The room is dark and we needed someone to guide us in with a flashlight as the class was already starting. I hate walking in when a class has started and dark rooms freak me out but we jumped on our bikes, got snapped in and with no real guidance on what to do with our bikes, we were spinning.

I used to be a spin addict at New York Sports Club. However, this was a whole new experience. The bikes are so clean and well taken care of. There is also a display on the bike that tell you your Torq and your Power and other things I didn't understand, and the instructor is constantly screaming out numbers. In my NYSC days, you would hear directions like... increase resistance for the hill climb. At Flywheel, you here things like take the Torq to 60 and power to 90. It was a bit confusing and I didn't get the hang of it until the end of class!

I loved the music and the vibe of the room. It's like a night club in there but without the dancing. I still prefer dancing. There is also a competitive part about it. There are two screens with "Scoreboards" that compares you to what your classmates are doing. I got on the board three times and every time I saw my name, I would push harder to increase in rank. I got up to third place at one point. I can see the thrill in that for competitive people who know what they are doing. Perhaps next time I will push harder and remain on the board the entire time.

The sweat was pouring after the first song and although I didn't wear my heart rate monitor, I know I definitely burned over 300 calories in the hour. It was intense. I will return. The one thing I didn't like was the lack of interaction. I enjoy group fitness because I like to interact, see the smiles, look over at someone who is feeling the same pain or receive a reassuring nod from the instructor. You don't really get that here. It's just you and the bike. Perhaps that's what the Flyweel Barre class are for. Definitely give them a shot and let me know what you think!