P90x3 Day 66 of 90

Hey ladies and gents. So it's Day 66 of 90 and I've missed writing about P90x3 for the past two weeks. I am on week two of the last month. It's crazy. It's flown by. Today, I had to double up and do Eccentric Upper and the Triometrics (lower body/cardio) workout. I say it's crazy because even though the first workout was entirely upper body, my legs were shot and I was pushing and suffering through Triometrics but I got it done. Triometrics is all jump training and legs. You do three versions of a move - basic, moderate and intense version. All for 20 seconds each and I was shot five minutes in. That's the beauty of these workouts - the schedule is genius. It's not like when you are at the gym and Thursday is always leg day and you do the same thing. Even though the workout on the DVD never changes, the schedule does and the way they place them on your calendar really makes a big difference in your progress.


What I have noticed and would recommend to anyone who wants to try a Beachbody workout is that Focus T25 helped slim me down but P90x3 is now helping to create muscle definition. I like it. If you have questions, don't forget, I am a Beachbody coach and can help.