Yoga and digestion

This post is entirely based on opinion. I did no research before writing this but I felt compelled to share. There's a ton of other false or questionable information on the internet, why not add some more, right? Anyway, I have noticed that yoga has aided me through digestion. On the weekends, I don't eat as structured as I do on the weekdays. Those days I end up feeling bloated or getting that annoying feeling that food is just sitting around in my intestines. This weekend I had a feeling that yoga would help me get over that feeling. So I busted into some Sun Salutations followed by Warrior 1, 2, and 3 and then a few headstands and I don't know the science behind this but it helped. It really helped move food along. I felt my metabolism kick in and things were burning and moving.

TMI or whatever but I think this is useful and practical information here!

If you have no clue what a Sun Salutation sequence looks like, here's a cool graphic:


And here is a cool video from KinoYoga, my favorite YouTube yogi:


And because right before hitting publish, I decided to do a quick Google search: Here are more poses that LEGIT aid in digestion: