P90x3 Before and After

It is officially OFFICIAL. I have completed one full round of P90x3. I stuck to the 90 days exactly as set out on the calendar. When I fell back, I doubled up. When I felt tired, I made it happen. If I knew I was going to have a busy day, I did it in the morning and vice versa. I NEVER cheated. Well, except yesterday when I had some frozen custard. Otherwise, its been all clean eating, ALL THE TIME. Everyday I drank Shakeology in the morning, ate 6 meals a day, and worked out. Very simple and the results I got were just crazy.

I can do pull ups and push ups, including plyo pushups, and my flexibility has improved!

What I've learned:

  1. A fitness program needs to have a little of everything. You can't just do cardio and you can't just do strength work and absolutely ignore everything else. Definitely never ignore stretching.
  2. Push ups and pull ups are essential. So what you can lift 100 pounds over your head, but can you lift yourself up?
  3. Balance, Balance, Balance. Its the key to life and the key to a workout program.
  4. Eating 6 meals a day and drinking water is so important. The days I failed, my workout suffered.
  5. Food logging is king when trying to stay on track. How else will you stay accountable.
  6. Letting people know about your routines is important as well. People keep you accountable when they ask, "how's that thing you were doing going?"
  7. When it comes to food, keep it interesting. The internet is full of ideas.
  8. Tony Horton is the MAN! I love the guy and he is a mentor to me although I have never met him. Can't wait for the day when we cross paths.

Oh and now for the big reveal:


Off to BODY BEAST with some added yoga next week! 90 days of the beast.

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