PiYo Strength Certified

Alright my lovely friends, I am certified in PiYo Strength! 10155205_10100448059741677_954385055127400149_n

YAY!!! But what the what is PiYo Strength?

I knew you would ask. This is PiYo Strength:


PiYo is a music-driven, athletic workout inspired by the mind/body practices of Pilates and yoga that also includes flexibility training, strength training, conditioning, and dynamic movement. It includes modifications for the group exercise environment, yet offers exercise progressions to challenge all levels. As a mainstream alternative to traditional practices, it does not involve chanting, meditation, Sanskrit terminology, or expressed spirituality. However, fitness enthusiasts who participate in PiYo classes regularly can gain the same benefits individuals seek from Pilates and yoga: Improved strength, flexibility, balance, stress reduction, and overall fitness level improvement.

piyo strength union nj

I thought this was a great class for me to start teaching because I love yoga and the benefits of Pilates but I also enjoy teaching cardio and strength training classes. The fusion of all of these styles was very interesting to me.

It was definitely a fun training to take. I seem to always end up in New Jersey for my trainings. I feel like programs are introduced much faster in NJ than they are in my area of New York so its nice to learn new programs and introduce them to my area.

Kara Buono was my Master Trainer and she's great! Her energy definitely kept us awake and motivated for the 8 hour training. She's also super helpful, entertaining, and informed about the health and fitness industry.

kara buono and funfitchic

One of the things I enjoy most about stepping out of my city, county, and state for a training is meeting new people. The other instructors and fitness enthusiasts in the room were lots of fun. PiYo is gaining popularity and we were 30 people deep. When your mats are as close as ours were, there's no way you're not going to become instant friends. Although, I didn't get to meet everyone,  the folks in my corner of the room were fun and we had a good time learning from one another.

piyo union nj

Allow me to give you a little idea on how those eight hours were spent: When we first arrived, we received our PiYo lessons which include choreography and a brief introduction from Kara. She discussed with us her background and how she became a Master Trainer and also the history of PiYo. We read through a number of pages in the 90 page manual. Two hours later we got to sweat and take the class ourselves with Kara as our instructor.

I love yoga but I'm not equally in love with Pilates so I was a little hesitant about the class. The warm up was great and by the second song, I was sweaty! I was also smiling the whole time. You can't stop smiling even though you are in pain and working hard! We didn't do any of the Pilates moves I dislike but we did do lots of Sun Salutations which is my favorite part of yoga. One of the things I noticed immediately was how great the workout was for opening my hips. Lots of movement to open up the shoulders and the hips which are typically tight because we all work sitting down while staring at our computers for most of the day. All class participants will receive great benefit from the program, especially in the areas of balance, posture and core strength. Who doesn't want a stronger core?

After the Master Class, we reviewed some of the harder moves with Kara (aka, lots of time in Chatarunga). This was a good way to learn modifications and also review our form. After lunch, we got to work on a song in smaller groups. I liked the opportunity to practice.

Piyo union nj

Usually the song you learn at a training ends up being your favorite song. (Zumba instructors know what I am talking about….. FUEGO!!!!!) We worked on the choreography to Summertime Sadness! Yes, PiYo Strength is done to contemporary music and not traditional yoga or Pilates music. I think this program was made for me!

Overall, I like what I saw and I am looking forward to practicing, learning more about the program and introducing it to fitness facilities in Westchester County. I also like the fact that we can teach anywhere because all a participant needs is a yoga mat, their body and gravity. I'm thinking, PiYo at the beach? Are you with me?

Check with me soon as I start developing my master plan to take over the circuit with PiYo!

And if you own a gym or other fitness facility and think you want PiYo or you want a demo, feel free to reach out to me! funfitchicblog(at)gmail.com