Brazilian Butt Lift Challenge

I have decided that because Brazilian Butt Lift is the most searched Beachbody program on my blog, that I would put together a challenge group. If you haven't been part of my challenge group yet, you are in for a treat because they are lots of fun! Not only fun but you will receive accountability, support, recipes, meal plan suggestions, and consistency from me. I don't let my challengers fail. No way! 


I am opening a challenge group for three special women who want to commit to the challenge. We start May 5.

If you are a Shaun T fan or want to give Focus T25 a shot, I am also opening a group up for three women to the program.

I have done both programs and could help you decide which is best for you. Matter of fact, I have knowledge in all of Beachbody's programs and completed most of them.

If you live in the US, Canada, or Puerto Rico and are over the age of 18, please fill out this form and lets get to work! Serious inquiries ONLY!