The Struggle

Hey ladies and gents… I am struggling here!  Partly due to allergies, another part to laziness and lastly to not having a schedule. How do you guys and gals workout without a set schedule?  I need to know what I am doing  and when or I am not doing it. That's the truth. A couple of weeks ago I completed P90x3 and then I started Body Beast but I never stuck to that calendar. I started working on PiYo moves and then Zumba and I lost track of the calendar and everyday I just wake up and I'm like hmmm what am I gonna do… will I run, will I bike, will I pop in a dvd… and some days I do and some day I don't.

I don't like that feeling. I like knowing that when I wake up, I have XYZ to accomplish with my workouts. It's how I succeed, its how I accomplish what I have accomplished so far.  I have Mudderella this Saturday and I have not gone for a run! I'm afraid to because of allergy season. I am making excuses.

I really need to get my butt into gear. Seriously, this is a real whiny post and I hate whiny posts but I did want you to know that even I struggle with this from time to time. For me, the solution is to pick up a program, paste the calendar on my wall, get some fun stickers to use as "rewards" on my calendar and stick to it!

Do you have similar issues and have you figured out a solution?