How to Stay Fit for a Lifetime

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Screen Shot 2013-09-08 at 9.23.13 PM

We all go through phases… "I remember the summer of (enter year here) when I was so super fit but then life happened." But why does that have to be the case?  Why does that fit year in your 20s have to be nostalgic? Why not get fit and stay fit for life and avoid jumping on and off the horse?

When you train with the focus of "I want to be BETTER TODAY" you'll see a huge difference . Of course, I am well familiar that fitness journeys MOST LIKELY start with vanity. I want to lose weight for a vacation, a reunion, family party, my wedding, and etc. But the problem is when we set these timelines for ourselves, we also set ourselves up for disappointment on day 1 AFTER our goal date.

Here are some tips:

  1. Switch it up. Do different workouts: Pilates, Yoga, Running, Weight lifting, Hiking, Indoor or Outdoor Cycling, Plyometrics, Crossfit or Kickboxing.  This is really important as you age. When you are 22, your metabolism is crazy and your body adapts quickly to routines. As you get older, you need to switch it up, and get uncomfortable to keep your mind excited and your body in a good, healthy place.
  2. Be present! Learn to slow down and celebrate the small positive changes in your body and your life. So you get super busy? Your life changes? You can't workout an hour a day? So what! Find a thirty minute workout.
  3. Train in a way so you can come back the next day. Don't train to failure everyday or you will wear yourself out and by the end of the week, you'll be too tired to exercise.
  4. Make and KEEP your fit friends close! These are the friends that will take a new class with you, join you for a long run, or come over to your house and motivate you to do an indoor workout.
  5. Make a plan! You need to have it written down and actually check it off EVERY SINGLE DAY. Plan out the week and then the month. Our lives get busier and busier with each passing day. We can't let our fitness routines squeeze through the cracks. It's important and should be part of your daily schedule.
  6. Have a purpose! Your purpose should be something about improving your energy, feeling better, and motivating others.  Not about what others think of you or how you look. We aren't models, so who cares what people think? Its about HOW YOU FEEL. What can you do? Can you run around after your children? Grandchildren? Walk your dog without getting tired? Go for a hike and take the HARD trail?

Hope this lit a fire in your tush! Now get up and exercise!

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