Insanity Max:30: Difficult but not IMPOSSIBLE

So I feel like such a jerk! Here I am doing Insanity Max:30....already on month 2 and I forgot to TELL YOU GUYS! YOU GUYS!!!!!!

Why did you let me forget?

So much going on in my life that I stopped checking in. Did you know I got engaged? OMG! I didn't tell you either. Well, I did and I will post all about it. I promise! I feel like you are my best friend that I don't speak to in months and then when I do, its like we never stopped talking. You know what I mean?

Besties? Yes. Great! Love you.

But for real though...Where have you been this past month?

5 weeks ago, I jumped all in, balls to the wall and started Insanity Max:30. Not sure if you remember but I auditioned to be in the workout, made it to last round and Shaun T was like ehhhhhhh not so much. That's cool though because now I am like, FOR REAL NOT SO MUCH. This thing is work! It's not impossible though. Like really, its not.

The thing is that in the past, I never truly LOVED Shaun T's workout style. I always felt it hurt my knees, my back, and my brain. But this workout is different. I have had lots of soreness, a little pain here and there, but nothing unbearable. The entire workout is doable and the best thing is that there is a real modifier on the screen the entire time.

They have a split screen! The camera does not move away from the modifier! It's so nice to know that person always has your back.



The modifier does NOT jump. Which is great for people who are not into the crazy jump moves or maybe just can't do them yet. I am in a challenge group now and everyone's fitness level is varied. Some people are doing Insanity Max:30 as their very first workout ever and you know what, it totally makes sense! They can and they will accomplish this and see results. In week one, people dropped 5 to 7 pounds! This program is NOT for everyone. I explain why in my video.


Have an awesome day!