Pushing Past Your LImits

Yesterday, on my Facebook page and in my private challenge groups, I posted videos about pushing past your limitations. Many times we get comfortable with our current personal best and do not dare to PUSH harder.



At the time, I was speaking in terms of exercise, in reference to Beachbody programs. Many times, we get comfortable with the modifier and do not dare to push harder. But why not? Even 30 seconds not modifying a move will make you stronger than you were when you started. When I started Insanity Max:30 six weeks ago, I could ONLY modify to get through and I was maxing out. By week 2, I decided to try some moves without modification. The following week, I could do most of the warm up without stopping. Now in week 6, there are some dvds where I can go 10 to 12 minutes with no modification. That is a big win. Pushup jacks are NOT EASY and I am rocking them out!

What if I did not TRY? What if I just continued modifying? Would change happen. NO! I would be comfortable.

Exercise is often used as a metaphor for life and goals. I believe its a great way to test yourself and your limitations while getting healthy. When I am exercising at least five times a week, I am more likely to get everything done on my checklist. I am more likely to work a little harder. Because I know I can. Because I know I can do difficult things!

What holds you back? Where are you sitting comfortable? Perhaps you have reached a plateau at work and are afraid to network or ask for a promotion or walk into an interview?

Maybe you have always wanted to start a business but you are afraid? Don't be. Fear just holds us back. And we are not about that life. We are about living to our truest potential.

Whether its in your workouts, work, or life, push past your limitations. You let them get in your way. You can move them aside as well.