Every morning I make it a point to listen to something that will inspire me. Working for yourself, choosing to live a life to help others, or even just making a super bold decision, whether to start a business or lose fifty pounds, can be very overwhelming. For women, its even more so because many of us just live in a place of guilt and fear. We let others affect us terribly. Its pretty debilitating. Whether its your family telling you that you are spending too much time working or a significant other expecting you to be home at a certain time when you know you need to make that kickboxing class, women are EASILY overrun by guilt.

Today's Top 3 for Entrepreneurs podcast was exactly about that. Sharon Lechter, author of Think and Grow Rich for Women, makes it clear that we need to get over it!

I highly recommend the listen. If you are an Android user, search The Top 3 for Entrepreneurs first and find out what app they are on, or just listen to it online. It's episode 19. If you are an Apple user, check it out in your podcasts or iTunes. I really loved the message in this quote.



On the podcast, Sharon says that women allow themselves to be burdened with guilt and worry more than men. When we feel guilty, we become fearful and then begin to disassociate. Has that ever happened to you?

Its definitely happened to me! It is part of life. She adds that fear is actually a clue that you are doing something transformational. It could be a good thing or a bad thing but its definitely a clue and you need to step back and DECIDE THAT FOR YOURSELF. I started to think of my students in my fitness classes or even my challengers. I have worked with women in both settings that are doing amazing, they are consistent DAILY, and are rocking out their fitness journeys and then I stop seeing them. When they return, they beginning talking about what distracted them. Many times its "well my family, my job, my this or my that." They tell me that I can't relate because I do not have children or I am not married.

However, the podcast shed some light for me. I work with other women with two jobs, children, and single and they make it happen! One of the things Sharon mentions is that you need to see every aspect of your life as a WHOLE LIFE. Whatever the goal is, let everyone know what you are doing. If it's exercise, invite your children to join you or do something that you can all do as a family! If its work or starting a new business, sit down with your family and SHOW them what you are doing. BE open, BE inviting, BE Courageous. Your family and your friends love you but they are not always the first to be supportive. When they see you changing, its scary for them too BUT when they start seeing success, they will come around. You have to push through the storm. No one can change the situation but you.

Do not allow guilt and worry to challenge you today!