Wedding Plans

OMG! I need to start this post by telling you that I never ever had a dream wedding. Actually, SCRATCH THAT... I did... it involved City Hall and a fun day in the city. So on December 25, 2014 when the man asked me to be his life partner in crime, I said yes and kind of thought we had it covered with a City Hall wedding. We talked about getting married around Labor Day weekend and then enjoying small celebrations with friends and family. That was it. Settled.

Some family things have occurred since then (not prepared to share yet ... but I can tell you that I am not pregnant lol) and the wedding date has been moved to May 16, 2015. MAY! Like 11 weeks from now May.  I think I have mentioned this to you before but I am ALWAYS up for a challenge. Like ALWAYS. So I spent ONE NIGHT planning my wedding. I am way too busy to sit there and daydream about a perfect wedding. We also don't have the money for an elaborate event. Our family being together is the most important thing and our union will be shared with them.

I came up with some really cool ideas in a short time (farm, breweries, parks, backyards, etc.) and we decided on a Central Park wedding!!!! Did you know it's ONLY $25 to get a permit in the park for your wedding? Yes, ONLY $25! Take that fancy wedding venue!

I will split this post up because there is just too much to say but I have to tell you that when you don't have a year and $30,000 to blow on a wedding, its so much FUN to get this together. The overall plan is a small wedding ceremony with our family, followed by lunch, and then we are looking for a venue to invite all our friends to hang and dance and drink with us. We wish we could invite ALL of our friends to lunch but its just not possible. However, I actually think this is going to be so much more fun. Just running around NYC enjoying the spring day and getting married!

Here is all I have accomplished in a week:

Guest List

Guest List