The Desire For More

When you were a child, did you ever think you were just going to be an average person? a cubicle? a number? or did you dream of greatness? My whole childhood, I knew I was destined for really big things. I had no idea what they were and when I was a young adult, I thought I had it all figured out but now at 32, I am back to that question, "what is my destiny?"

I am sure that by now you are aware that our lives are meant to take odd twists and turns and have highs and lows. Its just what happens, how we are designed. There are lessons to be learned, accolades to receive, and much to conquer. I have come to the realization that my biggest gift is the one thing I used to fear doing when I was younger... speaking with others.

Inspiring people to be BIG, to be BOLD, to be WHO THEY ARE by living my life in this way. As a child, I thought being the LOUD version of me, the kid whose voice was so loud strangers would ask her to take it down a notch, was a bad thing. Being curious, being eager, being loud always made others uncomfortable and so I shut it down for many years. Started feeling comfortable in the BACK of the room, started telling people that I actually LIKED being behind the scenes, and almost started to believe it. Truth is, I don't like the back of the room and I very much enjoy being front and center. Yes, I struggle with too many eyes on me BUT WHO DOESN'T?

We live in a judgmental society.

However, it doesn't mean that everyday I can't try to shine a little stronger. Working with people, especially women, and helping them see just how strong and awesome they are through fitness, brings so much happiness to my life. Its what I want to do everyday.

So on this blog, I am taking a vow. To live my life LOUD. I want to continue to grow as a student of life, to learn how to help myself SHINE so that I can help other women do the same. I want to be that person that helps women remove the word shy from their vocabulary because shyness is just an excuse to rob others from our true self. I know it because I used the word many times myself.

Currently, I am reading the book "The Four Agreements" and I am learning that we worry, we live in negative space, and we are angry way too much. Fear is not our friend. I recommend the book! It's a slow read at first but gets much better. Here are the four agreements:

  • Be Impeccable With Your Word.
  • Don't Take Anything Personally.
  • Don't Make Assumptions.
  • Always Do Your Best.


Seems easy enough, right? Well of course, its not! However, I vowed to you that I'm gonna work on me and SHINE so I can help you, and I plan to be impeccable with my word. Hope you are ready for me!