Personal Development

So its no surprise to anyone that I do a lot of reading and a lot of listening. I post it all over social media and I am always referencing some guru. I just love knowledge. Which is why my earbuds are always in my ear and why I LIVE on Personal Development. My phone looks like this:





I listen to some podcasts as a way to better understand people and I listen to others as a way to better understand my business and leadership.

For this blog post, I will give you my top 5 podcasts:

1. The Charged Life by Brendon Burchard. The reason why I love this podcast is because its short! The episodes are never too long so I can listen to a lot of them at once. And I can listen to it over and over again and learn something new every time. Brendon is the man when it comes to motivation. I highly recommend.

2. The School of Greatness by Lewis Howes. This is the complete opposite than The Charged Life. Each episode is about an hour long and its interview style. Lewis has a different guest on EVERY SINGLE DAY and he is committed to helping his following. Its crazy that he actually posts everyday and its amazing the quality of speakers he attracts. I love them and listen religiously. Plus Lewis can dance salsa and one day I WILL DANCE WITH HIM.

3. Define Your Life by Shaun T. It's Shaun T. He is inspirational, motivating and your best friend all in a podcast. AND I HAVE DANCED WITH HIM! His style is very much just like chatting it up with a friend and I absolutely adore him to the moon and back. I don't care when he goes off in tangents. He does ad it's perfect. Like talking to a bestie.

4. Build Your Tribe by Chalene Johnson. The woman knows about list building and building an online business. Enough said.  And her voice is so awesome. She has a great tone and cadence. I feel like I am talking to my super knowledgeable mentor.

5. Top 3 for Entrepreneurs by Stephanie Burns. I just love how succinct this podcast is. She is always to the point and her guests rock. I just wish that she posted more frequently. I feel like there is no real schedule to her podcasts.

That's it! I said five and I am sticking to it! I hope you enjoy my pics. What's your favorite podcast?