My Cize Test Group Results

I go by too many names!!! Hey! how is your summer going? I hope its fabulous. I just came back from Coach Summit in Nashville, Tennessee and I fell in LOVE with the city. Musicians are EVERYWHERE and it was the perfect place for Beachbody to launch a dance fitness program. So grateful to have been part of such experience. If you just recently joined me along in my journey, back in April, I literally spoke the opportunity of being in the CIZE test group into existence. I was at the Beachbody Cancun Success Club trip when this infomercial FIRST appeared.  I had no idea that Shaun T would be looking for test group participants in NYC but I did tell my team that I WAS GOING TO BE PART OF CIZE SOMEHOW.

Well, fast forward to the auditions being announced and me dancing to my heart's content in front of a group of people and being chosen to be in the test group and dance with Shaun T and learn from Tania Baron (The Machine)! I have previously auditioned for a couple of other Beachbody related things and I didn't get them. It really got me down and I was upset about it for awhile. I kept thinking WHY NOT ME!!!! WHY AM I NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!

It's crazy but I know now that it just wasn't my time. I just wasn't ready to receive these blessings and those other opportunities were not for me. But dance, DANCE IS ME!

Anyway, the experience changed me from the inside out. I have ALWAYS loved to dance. It's been my therapy for years now but at some point I stopped doing it, I let life get in the way again. I have said this all over my social media but something magical happens within me when I dance. I truly let go! It's not because I am the most amazing dancer or even the most passionate, its because when you dance, you must let go of your inhibitions to truly LIVE in the music and when you do that, you change the course of your day, you change how you show up to your own life and in turn, everything around you starts to change. It's all the law of attraction and when you follow your passions, blessings follow!

While doing CIZE, I saw a change in ME, in my every being. The opportunity to dance DAILY again made my heart skip a beat, my soul felt fueled, and my body responded!

In 30 days, I lost 12 pounds and 26 inches and uncovered all the muscles that were hiding!

Me! I had no idea I had weight to lose. I did know that I had muscle because I knew I was strong but I never actually saw the definition until CIZE. This program has taught me so much and I just want to shout it out to the rooftops but I will breadcrumb it for you so that you don't have to continue scrolling!!!

Until the next blog post...

I feel amazing. Which brings me to my next topic!

If you want more info on CIZE, reach out to me on facebook. Its the easiest way.