You Are Limitless

You Are Limitless

I have been using this hashtag A LOT and its because my team name is the Limitless Army. What is a team? Well, my team of coaches of course! ;)

If you want more information on that, feel free to email me at melthecoach (At) But I want to talk to you about WHY the word LIMITLESS spoke to me. The dictionary definition of the word is "without boundaries."

Personally, I know that in my life I created so many limitations and boundaries. "I can't do this because I am not good enough" or "I will never accomplish that because there is someone stronger, better, faster...," you insert the blank.

Lately, I have learned that all of this self-talk really means NOTHING in the real world until we allow it to.

Let me explain...

When we show up to the world with these limitations, we allow others to treat us like there are limits to what we can do. For example, as a child your older sibling didn't like to hear you sing so they told you that you couldn't sing. But you LOVED to sing and you were actually good at it. In school, your friends thought you were great but now you have a complex. You think you can't sing. So you are in choir but you refuse to let your voice be heard. You move further and further back and you sing quietly. Soon enough, the choir teacher forgets that you even had a gift. You don't practice it and guess what, you really aren't the best anymore. That girl next to you, she allowed her voice to be heard and she is getting special training and now you must sit and watch her take the lead roles.

But what if you said, "WHO CARES what my older sibling thinks! Everybody else says I can sing so I am going to sing." You act as if you can sing, you seek the opportunities to sing, and YOU SHINE.

Now I really can't hold a tune! However, I have so many gifts and I hid them from the world for so long. I was just afraid to shine and therefore told myself I couldn't. I would purposely take on job offers and roles in organizations that kept me hidden behind a desk. BUT I WAS MEANT TO SHINE. I can build a business pursuing my passions, I am a kick butt presenter, I do have really awesome media savvy skills and I freaking rock.

Since I started showing up to the world without limitations, the world has shown me that opportunity is everywhere. I just have to take it.

That is why "limitless" is a word that speaks to my heart and soul. That is why I am building an army of others who are or wish to be limitless. People who want to give their gift to the world! And want to shine not for themselves but to give others the permission to SHINE!

If you want to join my team or learn more about joining my team, email me at melthecoach(at)