Overcoming Mental Barriers And Losing Weight with Cize

Hey badass fit women!!! It's now September and Cize has been out since the end of July.  I've mentioned this before but in case you didn't catch it, I lost 12 pounds in 30 days with Cize!!!!!!

To get started with the challenge pack, visit: http://tinyurl.com/Fitbadass

This should make me your coach BUT make sure your welcome email from Team Beachbody says: YOUR COACH: Melissa Lopez (I haven't changed my last name yet but when I do, it will say Herreria) If it doesn't say either name then we need to change it ASAP. It's quick but I will need the order number and email address you used to order so we can make sure I'm your coach! 

Or else you are assigned to a random person who perhaps will never reach out to you. So sad. 

But this. THIS is so exciting. 

My next CiZe Facebook accountability group starts September 21st. So you have plenty of time to enjoy Labor Day, get back to the groove and get back on the wagon in a fun way with me!!!! 

The group runs for four weeks! Then you get added to my group of badasses so you are never left astray. 

The best thing is that we stay accountable to one another and you will find yourself saying no to foods and such because you won't want to let us down!!! I'm going to give you the tools to be prepared. Even a meal plan. Plus you also get an eating out of the house guide. 

And all my challengers will tell you, I am so interested in everyone's success. You can text me when you want that brownie!!!! No judging. 

I teach control, forgiveness, and the 80/20 rule. Because it's what I follow!!

And you know I still run my free clean eating group but the focus and attention you get in a challenge group is like no other. It's way better at goal crushing. 

Why are you so passionate about Cize?

It changed my life!!!!! So many events led to how I ended up finding Cize and its more than I can type but what you need to understand is what myself and even my current challengers are currently saying, "dance is powerful. Dance will help you overcome some blockages and struggles. Dancing is freedom." Even if you have never danced before You can and you will and that's why I know Cize will change your life. You will lose weight. You won't push your body to crazy limits but you will push your mind. Lose weight and gain more!!!!

Here's my story: 

Are you ready to do this?????? What are you waiting for? C'mon!!!!! I'm here. So ready to work with you.  But first, note:

Only non-coaches and those not working with coaches can join my support group. 

We can Only ship to the US, Canada and Puerto Rico 

What are my options?

1) Join as a customer

2) Or Join as a coach

Ok how do I choose?

1) customer is for people who just want to buy beachbody products

2) coach is for people who want to buy beachbody products with a discount, get paid for the people who are going to buy products because of them (because they will see your badass transformation), and inspire people.

You will inspire people and you should be compensated for it! 

Oh wait! There is another way. It's what they call a discount coach. And it's a cool way to save money right off the bat. 

You don’t have to be a coach but you can still take advantage of the discounts and enjoy all the coach benefits. I wish I knew this when I first joined! Actually I wish I knew about all of this when I did my first Beachbody programs on my own!!!  You guys are lucky you have me. :)

Basically, you save 25% off all your products if you sign up to be a coach with a challenge pack, (remember a challenge pack is just shakeology and a beachbody program), your $40 sign-up fee is waived and starting in month two, your Shakeology will be at the coach discount price. 

No one knows you are a coach. There are no quotas. None of that. You sign up, enjoy the discount and only you and I know the secret to your money management and slim waist. Unless you want to tell them and get paid. That's on you lol Next steps????

By now you know that whatever you decide to do, I'm here to help you. YOU know that my best interest is YOUR well being. 

I care about all of You and your health so much!!!! Get your challenge pack and let's get going. Enter my fit badass world and lose weight and break up those barriers because they suck and there is so much waiting for you on the other side!

Baby you're worth it!!!

No need to scroll up. Just use this link and let's get started. 


Make sure you see my name, Melissa Lopez (or Herreria).... (coach ID 299557) listed as your coach.  I can't wait to work with you!