Clean Eats On A Budget

I used to go to the supermarket TERRIFIED. Because: 

1. I didn't know what to get.

2. All the produce and healthy food seemed too expensive.

3. Being honest here... I really really wanted the food that was pretty much already prepared for me, you know... the sodium filled, MORE expensive stuff. 

It took me awhile but right now for my husband and I for a week, I spend less than $100 a week and we end up with 5 to 6 meals a week. All healthy and delicious. 


  1. Don't go for those already chopped up veggies or the already packaged stuff. BULK is where its at and its cheaper. TRUST.  Think beans (easy to cook and cheaper than buying cans), whole grains such as barley, millet, quinoa, and whole grain flours. Avoid anything boxed or canned. While this is pretty much a general rule of clean eating, many clean items still come in a can or box. Remember, you pay for the packaging!
  2. Don't purchase EVERYTHING organic if you don't have the money to splurge on it. Check out the dirty dozen and go for those. These are the foods that have most pesticides on them" 
    ~Bell Pepper
  3. KNOW WHERE THE DEALS ARE. Unfortunately not all stores are the same and not all stores have the same deals. You may have to go to three local supermarkets to get what you need but its worth it if the deal is GOOD. 
  4. Clip those coupons. I am NO coupon expert. But this woman is: Yes. I know when to stay my lane. 
  5. Learn to meal prep and plan!!!  This I can help you with.

Here is a how-to video I made on meal planning: