Reflections: 5 weeks of motherhood

Ok guys so its 5:30pm on a Sunday. Baby boy is taking a nap in his sleep sack for the first time in our 5-week relationship. 

Its the first time in a number of days that he is NOT sleeping on me and instead of doing something for myself, I find myself talking about my son to all my friends. So I decided to put it all in a blog post. 

When you become pregnant, everyone warns you about the lack of sleep you will have. It's like a running joke BUT there are a few other things that I just wonder why my friend's omitted them. I think its because they just can't remember anymore. Or perhaps these things didn't happen to them. I want to spare you some of these learning curve moments lol. And also make you laugh a bit. Here are a few things I was completely clueless about: 

  1. The first couple of days in a baby's life are not the hardest. I am not talking about the days in the hospital. I am talking about when you go home. They are still quiet and comfy and acting like they are in the womb. At least my baby was. Week 3 through IDK when (because I am on Week 5) is when the FUN begins.
  2. Your baby will most likely have trouble farting and pooping. And sometimes when they pee, they surprise themselves and scream. You'll have to learn how to help them pass gas, how to encourage bowel movements and the excitement you will experience when either/or happens is ridiculous. (fyi, Google search baby massage and bicycling baby's legs to encourage passing gas for all the deets)
  3. Bodily fluid is the number one topic of conversation between you and your significant other. What color was it, what consistency, how often, etc... 
  4. If you are breastfeeding, there will be moments when your breastmilk will spray all over your house. Like a hose. All because your child coo'd. Sometimes you might get your baby in the face with it. WHOOPS! 
  5. Engorged boobs HURT. And in the beginning its impossible not to experience it. 
  6. Cluster feeding is CRAZY! These little people will continue sucking down milk and you will wonder if you have any milk left! You do and most likely the next time they fill up, they will fill to engorgement. Huge rocks on your chest! 
  7. The days following cluster feeding are usually AMAZING and your baby will have undergone some growth. 
  8. If you are breastfeeding, your breasts will clue you in to when your baby is hungry. They will tingle and sometimes even hurt and just like that you can look over at your baby and catch them wriggling themselves awake. 
  9. You will walk around the house pretty much topless in the beginning. 
  10. Your emotional connection to your baby is instant. When they cry, you want to cry. No. you WILL CRY. You can't help yourself. 
  11. A lot of the "training" isn't about your baby at all. Its ABOUT YOU. Mom is the WORST. We can't help ourselves. They cry, we want to help them right away. They grunt in their sleep, we are UP and ready for them. Sometimes we don't even realize it and we are rousing them awake because we are fussing all over them.
  12. Everyone has an opinion. And many of them are great. However...your baby, your household and your rules. Take what everyone is telling you, use what you feel comfortable with and throw away the rest. 
  13. You will purchase EVERY gimmick for baby. Especially if it claims to help you and your baby sleep better, nurse better, pass gas better, learn better, etc. Baby product marketing is great and they will "get" you. 
  14. Message boards and forums at 2am are dangerous. That's all I have to say on that topic. You will go on them. Consider yourself warned.  
  15. When you think you have it down, things change, your baby changes and you are back to square one.

Let's see if I can get a post up at the 10-week mark! Regardless how crazy life has been, motherhood sure is a blessing. Now, mommy is going to shower. YAYYYYYY!