Beachbody Success Club Trip 2015 Day 1

I didn't even sleep from the excitement. Who would? I love going away to new places. I've visited Mexico before but not Cancun and it had been so long ago, how could I possibly knock out? I had a super early flight from JFK to Boston. We had a 45-minute layover in Boston. I must say, I was slightly offended that I got called out for a "routine" identity check after the layover. It offended me because it wasn't routine at all. My girlfriend who is Latina but has an asian last name was not called out for the routine check. Just me because my name is quite common and we were going to Mexico. It peeved me a little but I guess we are all better off being safe than sorry. I did ask a customs agent about it and he said that the name is just too common and they need to check on me. Can't wait to change my last name!!!!! Wedding in four weeks!

On a happier note, I gotta tell you, airport food is changing for the better. In Boston, I grabbed an egg sandwich on wheat with a banana, walnut, and maple oatmeal and was super charged for that long flight to Mexico. Very yummy.

I did not get Terra chips! Instead, I drank lots of water, at a Kind bar, and slept.

When we arrived in Cancun, the Beachbody shuttle was easy to find at the airport. That was my biggest fear because I had previously heard that the timeshare business was notorious at the airport. I didn't want to get caught up in that. We met other coaches from Chicago, DC, and Texas and were on our way to the Moon Palace resort.

Once we arrived, we jumped off the shuttle and were met with a huge line at registration.

However, it didn't phase us too much because the registration line was a zig zagged theme park style line around a huge buffet of healthy foods and tropical beverages.

The nicest part was that Beachbody executives were there to greet us and thank us for being successful in our business. I get impressed by that kind of stuff. People who care to show face. The company has grown leaps and bounds and they can easily stick with the top ten, but they showed all of us love and made all of us feel special. We are the top 2% of the company!

We were able to get our rooms but no room keys. That's when the craziness ensued. We decided to hang out with our upline coach who was settled in her room already. The problem was that her room was all the way on the other side of the resort. Like a shuttle ride away. Because we had carry on bags and our bathing suits in our carry ons, we opted to walk around with our bags.

Well, as the sun got brighter and stronger, those bags got heavier and heavier and I will spare you all the details but my back looked like someone whipped me but it was my backpack that was cutting up my sweaty, hot skin. That sun is no joke! This is coming from a Puerto Rican that would tan in baby oil back in the day!

After going back and forth between opposite ends of this huge resort, we FINALLY got our room. It was too late to go to the beach but we had a room so close to all the action that we were thrilled. The room also had a hammock, CHI products, a tub in the middle of the room, etc. It was the

We jumped in the shower and got ready for our very first Beachbody event, the welcome dinner. We made it just in time to grab food, enjoy the beautiful fireworks, and dance the night away. We danced our booty's off the first night with our team. It was such a blast.

We attempted to have an after party but the club was closed on a Wednesday night and there was a bar but it was pretty wack in our opinion so we went back to our rooms and prepared ourselves to get our butt's kicked by Shaun T in the morning!

More on that tomorrow....