And it was not COSTLY! Yes you heard me! It was not expensive. There are so many places to get married in the park and the permit varies. For the most part, it's just $25 but some locations, like the Conservatory Garden, are $200 for the permit.

Personally, I am not a fan of catering halls and their costly prices and ginormous rooms. It's not for me. I never wanted to get married or have a party in one of those locations. What if I fall off the spiraling staircase? JK! But seriously, I just knew that was not for me. So when I started looking at venues, I looked at a farm, a brewery, and Central Park.

There are tons of services and great companies that will run the permit process for you but I can tell you that it was painless. You fill it out online at https://nyceventpermits.nyc.gov/Parks/

And they reply to you immediately! The time I chose was not available, and they emailed me with options, both locations and different times. Once I chose the location and time I wanted, they sent me an email that confirmed everything and we were all set. NYC is super friendly despite popular belief.

Note that Central Park does not allow for chairs, tents, tables, rugs, runners, throwing of rice, birdseed, flowers, confetti, or anything else that will affect the soil. There are exceptions to the use of chairs for those who cannot stand for long periods of time. I think you are allowed like two chairs. Alcohol, candles, or amplified sound are not allowed. Acoustic music is permitted.

You don't need ANYTHING fancy when you get married at Central Park because its beautiful AS IS. Seriously, its gorgeous. LOOK!

I had a violin soloist at our wedding. As you can see from my pictures, I chose Cop Cot which is a gorgeous venue with seating. I recommend everyone gets married in Central Park!