Beachbody Success Club Trip 2015 Day 2

I accidentally woke up at 5am! My favorite alarm is on my iPad and I forgot to put the iPad on Wifi so it was still on NY time. I set the alarm for 6am but it was really 5am in Mexico. Why was I up that early? Beachbody scheduled morning workouts with the trainers. Shaun T was at 7am, Autumn Calabrese at 8am and Tony Horton at 9am. I wanted to make sure I made it to Shaun T. So happy I did.

It was awesome. The routine he did was a little Focus T25, a little Insanity and a little Asylum but to HOT music and to the beat. I loved it. The routine was easier to do because there was music and it was more like dancing instead of crazy moves.

Although, they were still crazy. Funny how our minds play tricks on us. After the workout, we had some Shakeology. The resort made the Carl Daikeler special which is chocolate Shakeology, almond milk, peanut butter and ice. YUMMY!

We had breakfast at the resort. Saw fellow coaches and chatted it up for awhile. I had to take a shower because I was a hot mess after the workout. We got ready for the beach but before the beach, we made sure it to General Session with the CEO of Beachbody, Carl Daikeler. He had a BIG announcement to make!!!!


Yup! You heard that right. Shaun T is coming out with a NEW dance fitness program and guess who is one of the first people who is going to get certified to teach the program and will get access to the On Demand version before everyone else? Yes, your girl, your coach, ME!!!!! I can't wait to get certified and to help my Zumba fans with this program.

Why do I say Zumba people? Well, I mean all dance fitness fans. There are people out there who prefer not to feel like they are working out when they are working out. Weights is NOT their thing. A burpee? WHAT! That's not gonna happen. As a Zumba instructor, I have helped many of my students move more but have yet had the opportunity to help all of them with their nutrition. Now with Cize it Up, I can do both. It's not all about taking three classes a day. What you eat is so important and Beachbody offers that and my coaching takes it to the next level. I offer meal plans and support. More than I can offer teaching a one hour class.

After all that excitement, we went on the longest search for lounge chairs and opted to take it Jones Beach style and lay on the sand on the beach. Ain't no shame in my game! Some swimming, some lounging and some drinking with lots of SPF 30 on the body, I got BURNT. The sun in Mexico is no joke! That was my first and last time tanning on vacation.

While at the beach, I made a video on why I feel in my heart that this is what I need to do with my life! However, I will share that another day! ;)

Our upline coach had a very important meeting to go to, so my friend Cindy and I headed out to find the perfect spot for an impromptu photo shoot. We got some really beautiful gems out of it.

Afterwards, we went to the room, showered, sat around, worked a little (yes, I work on vacation) and headed out to our date night at a Mexican restaurant. Just us two.

On our way there we saw some fellow coaches, considered having dinner with them but the wait was too long and no one wants to see me hangry.

Date night it was! The food was delicious at the resort and so was the dessert.

We went over to the lobby and met up with our team. Each of us were receiving invitations to head out to the club at our resort by other coaches but when we got there, we did not see the people who invited us. We found other people, said hi, but they weren't very welcoming so we left. Probably for the better because we got to go back to the room early enough to sleep and wake up early again for the Tony Horton workout.

More on Day 3 tomorrow because Day 3 was THE BOMB!